This was my third day of the week down in London. Once again it was roasting hot but after a bit of time surveying the area I found a nice spot that was semi shaded. I wanted a composition that would make the most of the thrusting geometry created by the bridge and was fortunate that the light was good.

The painting was done at about 1pm and I got some positive comments from passers by. Even though the sun was high it moved quickly and the shadow cast under the bridge changed it’s position quite dramatically as I worked. As with the other paintings, I made sure the canvas was turned away from the sun so that I didn’t have direct sun shining on the surface. This can skew your value judgements and you end up overcompensating, making darks darker than they should be. I was pleased with the result and hope to do a bigger version at some point. I might return to the spot with a larger canvas to start things off.