Over the Easter weekend I had a great time in Dorset painting with art pals Tim King, Valerie Pirlot and David Bachmann. Tim managed to find us a super place to stay in Blandford and from there we headed down to the coast each day. The weather was mixed but we just got stuck in…..tackling the wind, rain, flies and swarms of tourists.

Some paintings worked out better than others, a couple of wipers but not a bad haul for a long weekend. Anyway, to the paintings that made it….

Old Harry and Old Harry’s wife (8x14in)


Old Harry and Old Harry’s wife (2) (8x14in)
We had a glorious morning in the sunshine at old Harry on the Tuesday. After the monsoon we had on Monday we toyed with the idea of heading home but I’m pleased we stayed as everyone enjoyed the session and produced some lovely work.
Valerie, contentedly chilled after painting a little gem.
Tim and David at work. In terms of kit I think Tim wins the heavyweight division this time :)


Back of Durdle Door, 10x14in


Towards Bat’s Head, Lulworth (8x10in)
Taking the view on, before the hoardes of tourists turn up!


Old Harry and his wife…again! (10x13in)
When I started this one of Old Harry (above) the tide was fully in but it started to move out and left those interesting dark rocks. It would have been nice to have done another one in the sunshine but the clouds came in and it doesn’t look quite so glorious in the shade. That said, I had just about enough left in the tank to make a small study in the greyer conditions (below).


Rock study, Old Harry Rocks (8x10in)
Some crazy fool (who me!?) suggested heading to Lyme Regis on the day of the ‘monsoon’. After a lengthy drive and trudge along the sea front in the blustery rain David B found a sheltered spot along the Cobb. We were ‘lucky’ to find somewhere to paint. A tough session though…fighting the conditions and drawing a few raised eyebrows and wry smiles from passers by (there weren’t that many!). I nearly wiped this several times but it somehow made it to the finish line.


Damp day, The Cobb, Lyme Regis (8x10in)
At this point I’d at least managed to get the paint to stick to the board.


Valerie and David, strategically located in a handy shelter (not mentioning the drips David)


Tim….are you having fun?



Rocks from Durdle door, 8x10in
I was perched quite precariously for the one above…..
Thanks to Valerie for this shot….who was perched opposite on the other cliff


Whilst Tim went AWOL in search of the ultimate view…ah yes…there he is!!


A thoroughly enjoyable trip and I’m sure I’ll be back to paint those white cliffs again! More coastal action soon with a return trip to Sennen on the horizon.