After the hustle and bustle of London it’s nice to get out amongst the fields and enjoy the fresh air. This was a quick one as the light kept changing evey few minutes. It was looking west from Whaddon in Bucks and I stumbled across it after heading out in the car from Stony Stratford. I tried to keep in mind a particular cloud structure otherwise I’d have ended up repainting it several times. I liked the heavy clouds contrasting against the warm light and the yellow flowers offered some nice interest in the foreground. I tried my best to keep the colours clean/fresh whilst working fast. The yellow flowers were mainly painted before the grass so they retained their colour strength and didn’t get ‘infected’ by the surrounding green.

I used a small 6×8 textured linen panel, kindly given to me by my artist friend Karl Terry. Nice surface to work on and not too absorbent (unlike a other kinds of textured panels). I thought it would be peaceful but it was right next to a sheep station and they made a heck of a din. Still, at least there weren’t any cockerels!!