I seem to be buying a house. Not sure how it happened but a nice little Victorian terrace 2 doors up came back on the market and the next thing I know I’m applying for a mortgage! It needs loads of work (e.g. no heating at present, bedroom converting to bathroom and much more) so I suspect I won’t get nearly as much painting done as I would like in the coming months :o(

Even so, the painting and drawing will certainly be continuing, not least serving as a welcome relief from all the renovation mayhem. I’ve got a handful of paintings to finish off and they’ll be going up on the site soon. I’ve been reading an interesting book on Manet recently (Manet by himself – Wilson-Bareau). I LOVE his still lifes of flowers. They are so delicate and sensitive. The book is full of his own quotes/thoughts and that gives such an insight into the artist, not unlike the way a blog can! Anyway, I liked one of his quotes:

“An artist can say everything with fruit or flowers, or simply with clouds….”

How very true. Grand images do not have to be grand subjects!